Egg Donation Results

By number of embryos transferred

The likelihood of achieving a pregnancy doesn’t depend on your age, but rather on the number of embryos transferred and their quality. Success rates are around 79% for double embryo transfers carried out on Day +5 (blastocyst stage).

Tasa de gestación por Beta HCG



1 embryo on Day +5 (Blastocyst)2 embryos on Day +5 (Blastocyst)

* Ginemed Results 2020

Twin Gestations (Transfer of 2 embryos):


2 embryos on Day +5 (Blastocyst)

* Ginemed Results 2020

* All transfers are performed with Day +5 embryos (blastocyst stage), as success rates are 20% higher than with Day +3 embryos.

Cumulative success rates

The chances of getting pregnant with egg donation treatment increase with each embryo transfer, wherein the second and third transfers use cryopreserved embryos from the same donation cycle. It’s not always necessary, however, to undergo more than one embryo transfer in order to achieve a pregnancy.

Cumulative success rates:




First transferSecond transferThird transfer

* Ginemed Results 2020

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