Time-Lapse culture GERI

What is the Time-Lapse embryo culture?

This is the latest and most advanced technology in embryo monitoring. Its independent chambers provide an individual and unaltered incubation environment for the embryos, making it possible to opt for single embryo transfers and in turn increase success rates and decrease the likelihood of multiple gestations.

This Time Lapse system includes a high resolution camera that allows the biologists to constantly observe and evaluate the embryos in the laboratory. Continual monitoring provides us with complete and detailed information on embryo development, in turn allowing for individualised embryo observation and, later on, improved embryo selection.

Cultivo embriones

Advantages of the Geri incubator.

The advantages offered by the Time Lapse – Geri system are:

  • It increases the success rate per transfer.
  • It improves embryo selection, thus reducing the occurrence of multiple gestations.
  • It provides improved culture conditions which favour correct embryo development to blastocyst stage.
  • It allows for selection of embryos with higher implantation potential.
  • It individually and continually monitors the embryos, in turn offering personalised observation of each one.
  • It’s a non-invasive system. Information is obtained without needing to remove the embryos from the incubator.
  • The embryos share the same culture medium, thereby enhancing their development.
  • Culture conditions are maintained at all times, meaning the embryos can be observed without having to remove them from the incubator.
  • It provides us with complete, detailed information.

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Frequently asked questions about the Geri incubator

Does the Geri embryo culture have any limitations?

To date there are no known limitations to using the Geri incubator.

Does the Geri incubator improve success rates?

The use of individual incubators such as the Geri, which make it possible for the embryo culture to be humidified if needed, allow for constant, optimal conditions which in turn increase the likelihood of reaching blastocyst stage and, as a result, improve overall success rates.

What is the best Time-Lapse system?

Although there are currently many different Time-Lapse systems available on the market, Ginemed has trusted in the Geri incubator system based on the extensive literature and statistics which attest to its effectiveness.