Fertility study pack

Have your fertility tests done for free at Ginemed

Because we believe in your family model, at Ginemed we have created a new pack of fertility tests.

Now, all your fertility tests (including karyotype) are free if you make your first fertility consultation in person at one of the Ginemed clinics in Spain.

  • Pack of fertility tests with no waiting lists.
  • Results available as soon as possible
  • An English speaking coordinator will accompany you throughout the entire process

A set of fertility tests that will allow us to offer you a detailed diagnosis and a personalised treatment plan, designed especially for your case.

In addition, we will explain all the treatment options available to you so that you can carry out your family project:

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Egg Donation Program with Guaranteed Results

Egg donation Programme with Guaranteed Results

Now you can have your treatment plan with the peace of mind of knowing that you will get guaranteed eggs, embryos or pregnancy.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to do fertility studies?

The purpose of the fertility study of a couple or woman with reproductive desire is to be able to decide the type of treatment recommended to solve their problem, as well as the best way to do it.

Fertility tests should be started after one year of sterility in couples with no known pathology. The time for seeking pregnancy at home without results is reduced to six months if the woman is over 35 years of age or suffers from a known pathology.

What are the advantages of doing fertility tests in your clinic?

Among the benefits of doing the fertility studies at the clinic where you are going to undergo the assisted reproduction treatment are: the easyness of scheduling the time for collecting the blood and sperm samples, as well as the shortening of the waiting time for tests results. Likewise, the fertility test packs at our clinic represent a significant financial saving.

Are all fertility study packs the same?

With these studies we can carry out an assessment and guide which type of assisted reproduction treatment is appropriate and the one of choice for the couple. Depending on the findings, we can extend the fertility studies that are necessary according to the diagnosis.

All the so-called ‘study packs’ or fertility tests are not the same. Each fertility clinic chooses which tests are included in its packs. Some fertility clinics include in the package the first consultation with the fertility specialist or the gynaecological examination. Depending on the services included, the price of the fertility packs will vary.