Fertile Chip

What is the Fertile Chip technique?

The Fertile Chip system is a device which allows us to select the spermatozoids with the best motility. This mechanism consists of two chambers connected by a microfluidic channel.

The semen is deposited directly into the inlet chamber. Thirty minutes later the laboratory will select the sperm that properly reached the collection chamber.

Use of this device is indicated for sperm samples with high DNA fragmentation, an abnormality that can lead to repeated failures with assisted human reproduction techniques, or recurrent miscarriage.

Fertile chip. Qué es la técnica Fertile Chip

What advantages does it offer?

One of the advantages of this system is that it does not require the sperm sample to be centrifuged. Sperm damage is thus reduced and a lower amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS) are generated – which affect the sperm membrane and, as a result, sperm motility.

Additionally, this technique makes it possible to select a higher percentage of motile spermatozoids with better morphology and lower DNA fragmentation compared to traditional sperm capacitation techniques.

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