Pregnancy guarantee

What is the Pregnancy Guarantee Program?

The peace of mind of knowing that it will happen.

Excellent pregnancy success rates at our clinics and more than 30 years of experience have made it possible for Ginemed to guarantee your pregnancy, with the promise that you do not pay for treatment if you do not become pregnant.

Embarazo seguro

Who can apply for the pregnancy guarantee program?

Embarazo seguro cualquier familia

Any family

Homoparental, monoparental or heteroparental families who require assisted reproduction treatment to have children.

Embarazo seguro sin periodo de vigencia

No time limit

All the time you need.

Embarazo seguro sin limite de intentos

Unlimited treatments

As many cycles as you need.

Embarazo seguro todas las técnicas

With all of the available treatments and techniques

The only exception being genetic diagnosis and surgery.

First fertility visit is free

Request your first appointment cost-free at the clinic closest to you