Embryo Donation Results

By number of embryos transferred

Our success rates are approximately 77% for double embryo transfers carried out on Day +5 (blastocyst stage), confirmed by a positive Beta HCG. The results don’t depend on the recipient’s age, but rather on the age of the woman whose eggs were used to create the embryos.

Pregnancy rates by Beta HCG



1 embryo on Day +5 (Blastocyst)2 embryos on Day +5 (Blastocyst)

* Ginemed Results 2020

Twin Gestations (Transfer of 2 embryos):


2 embryos on Day +5 (Blastocyst)

* Ginemed Results 2020

* All transfers are performed with Day +5 embryos (blastocyst stage), as success rates are 20% higher than with Day +3 embryos.

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