Blessed with triplets after 14 years

I am not really sure what to tell you. Which words will help anyone considering fertility treatment.

I approached Ginemed in Seville by chance...really not knowing to go next...only my instinct to guide me. The International Dept were very quick in responding to my enquiry, extremely supportive and helpful. Dr Fernando Sanchez was probably the only fertility Dr until now who seriously considered a couple of medical conditions (genetic) that I have, and was the only Consultant to adapt my treatment accordingly ie. he considered their possible influence on my chances of having a baby...he was optimistic, reassuring and helped me to believe again....and all previous treatments failed...he succeeded....1st treatment with Ginemed I fell pregnant .....with triplets...non identical...2 sons and 1 daughter.

Dr Fernando Sanchez, Gemma and all the team at Ginemed were phenomenal in their care every step of the way, and in every way. Living in London, I gave birth to my 3 healthy and very strong babies after 34 weeks. CFC at Queen Charlottes Hospital in London monitored their progress closely throughout my pregnancy, and 3 teams took care of my babies at delivery...1 team for each baby. Life today is non stop, and wonderful....every moment of every day a blessing....3 blessings.

Since and during my pregnancy I have met quite a few people in the same situation as I had, up until now been, and recognised a sadness in their eyes that I had for too many years seen in my own reflection in the advice to anyone considering assistance with their fertility is....just make a decision and get on with treatment asap...don't delay....and don't give up trying unless you really want was a tough journey for me ... 14 years ..I pray for anyone else trying it will be less...

I wish I had known about Ginemed at the beginning of my journey....maybe it would have been shorter...for me personally, Ginemed succeeded others did not... and took the sadness, the feeling of loss and failure away.. Ginemed made treatment stress free, I was informed and guided every step of the way, all questions answered immediately... I never felt alone or unsure.

In addition, travelling to Seville was easy and inexpensive. For to stay during treatment I found the Hilton in Seville special rates affordable, stress free with airport pickups and drop offs, quiet rooms en suite, drop off to and pick up the Triana for low cost, and with buffet breakfast , optional lunch and supper menus, no walking the streets for hours on end wondering best to eat.

I try to protect my triplets excessive attention every time I go out, to guard their privacy, so for this reason only, I prefer not to attach their photo at this time, when they are a little older they will be able to decide for themselves who to share their story with.


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