My Story

After being under IVF treatment for several times in my own country I was told that my ovary reserve is already consumed and I will need donor egg cells. None of the embryos made my egg cells divided properly indicating that there was no point in performing a transfer since pregnancy is not possible with such poor quality embryos. The doctors recommended to look for advice in Spain because IVF methods are very well developed there and the Spanish expertise in the field is known to be one of the best in Europe. That’s how I arrived in Ginemed in Seville and Dr Pascual Sánchez gave me the hope and courage that achieving pregnancy even at my age (46 years) is possible. Within three months we did two treatments and the second one was successful. I became pregnant.

At the moment my wonderful baby boy is already five months old and I am experiencing a lovely time being a mother.

In this letter I would like to express my happiness and gratitude personally to Dr Pascual Sánchez who along with all the other staff working in Ginemed made my dream become a reality. I will always remember his noble smile and his belief that he is able to help me. Also, here I would love to make a special mention about Michelle – the mediator who was constantly available to me during all the correspondences with the clinic and the IVF procedures. To me she is always going to remain as a smiling sunshine even during the moments when I was sad and felt very low.

To Dr Pascual Sánchez and all the lovely people who work in Ginemed – Seville, I would like to say all my soul and heart, with tears in my eyes: THANK YOU! Thank you for giving me an exceptional reason to continue further, to laugh again, to enjoy life, to be a happy woman and mom!


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