Our little miracle

What can we say, the day we contacted Ginemed Seville, was the start of the journey that changed our lives and gave us the miracle of our baby daughter.

As some people do we focussed on our career and travelling and decided quite late to start a family. Due to my age (now 41) it proved difficult and the natural route wasn’t working as we had hoped.

We decided to try traditional IVF through a clinic in London, however after a number of attempts that didn’t even get to egg collection stage and finally one failed transfer, we decided to look at egg donation.

The service and care at the clinic in London was not as we would have expected so we decided to try an international clinic. We’ve always loved Spain so looked for one there and found Ginemed Seville.

Oh my goodness – we contacted Ginemed Seville in the middle of December 2015 within 24 hours the international team had contacted me, provided details of the different options available and even offered to Skype or call me to answer any further questions I had.

We made an appointment to go for a face to face consultation on the 28th December 2015.

We were met by Dr Jimenez and Stephanie. At once we knew we had made the right decision and agreed to proceed with the egg donor route. Both were so kind and Dr Jimenez was positive that we would have a successful outcome.

After a few months, some exploratory procedures, constant communication, co-ordination and unwavering patience and compassion we successfully fell pregnant with our gorgeous little daughter in April 2016.

Even after the successful first ultrasound and detection of her heartbeat, Stephanie and Michelle at Ginemed Seville kept in touch thought out my pregnancy and even after our daughter was born.

The difference in customer service, environment and professionalism between the clinic in London and Ginemed Seville is dramatic.

We cannot recommend the team at Ginemed Seville highly enough – if it were not for Dr Jimenez and the team – our little miracle would not be here and we are and will be eternally grateful.


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