Personalised consultations

Receive information that is tailored to your particular case

At Ginemed we understand that each patient’s situation is different.

We offer several kinds of consultations with gynaecologists who are specialised in assisted reproduction so that you can select the type which best meets your needs.

A consultation tailored to each patient

Consultations with our specialists in reproduction when, how and where you decide.

Consultations in Spain

  • Cost-free consultation at our clinics.
  • No waiting times.
  • Gynaecologist specialised in Reproduction.
  • Accompanied by a native medical coordinator.
  • Includes an ultrasound scan.
  • With the possibility to have testing carried out at the same time.

Skype consultations

Your private appointment when you decide, accompanied by a native coordinator and doctors specialised in assisted reproduction.

Consultas virtuales, mama, ginecología, obstetricia y patología cervical

First visit is free

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