International patients travel to fertility clinics in Spain

17 de mayo de 2024
Elena Troncoso Dantas

In recent years, Spain has emerged as a leading destination for international patients seeking quality medical treatment, especially in areas such as assisted reproduction. What are the reasons behind this growing trend in reproductive tourism? Let's explore some of the most prominent reasons.

Why do international patients choose Spain?

Spain has internationally renowned reproductive clinics offering high quality fertility treatments. Many Spanish medical professionals are leaders in their respective fields and are at the forefront of medical research. Spanish medical excellence is internationally recognised.

International patients travel to fertility clinics in Spain

In addition, we can list other factors that are determining when choosing our country for fertility treatment:

  • International legal differences: Spain has more open legislation than other neighbouring countries. It is possible to carry out gamete donation treatments (egg donation, double donation and embryo donation), as well as embryo pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) without as many restrictions in relation to age, marital status or sexual orientation as other European countries.
  • Competitive costs: while ensuring the quality of medical services, the cost of fertility treatments in Spain is often more competitive compared to other destinations. This makes it attractive to those seeking quality reproductive treatments at affordable prices.
  • Welcoming culture: the warmth and hospitality of the Spanish culture are factors that make international patients feel comfortable and welcome during their stay.

Finally, it should be noted that many medical centres also offer services in several languages, facilitating communication. Ginemed offers care to international assisted reproduction patients in Italian, French, English, Chinese and Arabic.

Advantages of travelling to Spain for medical treatment

The opportunity to combine medical treatment with the cultural and beach tourism offered by Spain is a major factor in choosing our country. Spain's cultural and natural wonders are a significant advantage. Patients can enjoy beautiful surroundings while receiving medical care.

International patients travel to fertility clinics in Spain

In addition, Spain has an excellent transport infrastructure and a wide range of accommodation options. International patients can easily travel around the country and find suitable accommodations during their stay while undergoing IVF, fertility preservation or egg donation treatments, among others.

Is it safe to travel after AI or IVF?

A common question that arises among international patients is whether it is safe to travel after undergoing assisted reproductive treatments such as Artificial Insemination (AI) or In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). The answer is generally yes, as long as medical advice is followed.

  • Medical follow-up: After an AI or IVF procedure, patients usually receive clear instructions from their doctors. It is essential to follow these recommendations and to schedule a follow-up with a health professional before planning any travel.
  • Recovery period: Depending on the fertility treatment, there may be a recovery period that must be respected before embarking on long journeys. It is crucial to prioritize health and wellbeing during this phase.

International patients travel to fertility clinics in Spain

In summary, Spain has become a leading destination for international patients wishing to fulfil their dream of becoming mothers and/or fathers thanks to its medical excellence, competitive costs and unique cultural experience. For those considering travelling after assisted reproductive treatments, the key is to follow medical advice and ensure a safe and careful approach to travel.

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