Reasons to choose a good Assisted Reproduction Clinic

1 de julio de 2024
Pascual Sánchez Martín

Unfortunately, in our country, at least 1 in 10 women will need to resort to assisted reproduction techniques, as infertility is a problem that affects approximately 15% of the Spanish population. There are more and more options available for fertility treatments, and it is important to know the variables that will determine the success of a fertility treatment. The first step to take is to choose an assisted reproduction clinic and have a first consultation.

Doctor-patient care

Private fertility clinics offer a wider range of assisted reproduction treatments than the public health system, adapting to the needs of each person who wishes to have children.

Reasons to choose a good Assisted Reproduction Clinic

At Ginemed, we offer personalised treatment for each patient, always having a doctor and a Coordinator as a reference to provide support and help in resolving most doubts patients may have, as well as offering emotional support when needed. For more complex personal situations, we also have a team of specialised psychologists, available for those that require special emotional support.

Personalised treatment and follow-up

One of the strengths of the Ginemed centres is in relation to the male factor. In cases as complex as azoospermia (absence of sperm in the ejaculate), we manage to ensure that most patients can have children with their own sperm.

For foreign patients, in addition to the excellent results of reproductive medicine in Spain in general and those of Ginemed in particular, we have specialised teams for English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic-speaking patients.

In this way, International Assisted Reproduction patients can communicate directly in their mother tongue. In addition, thanks to the advantages of telemedicine, we limit the number of trips to the clinic to the strict necessary for patients from outside Spain.

Facilities and laboratories

The excellent pregnancy rates of Ginemed are possible thanks to the training of our professionals and to the fact that we are pioneers in innovation and technological development, with specialised treatments that are adapted to the needs of each couple or woman who wishes to have children.

The laboratories of the clinics have been built with glass walls, which enhance the transparency and quality of the treatments carried out. In addition, many procedures are connected to cameras so that patients can see them through the glass.

Reasons to choose a good Assisted Reproduction Clinic

Other strengths of the Ginemed fertility clinics include a unit specialized in cases of repeated miscarriages and implantation failures, and advanced laboratory techniques to prevent the transmission of hereditary diseases or genetic disorders in babies (Genetic Compatibility Test and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGT).

Pregnancy rates

We would like to highlight Ginemed's pregnancy rates, with results that are audited, reviewed and published every year by the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF). We can highlight that more than 63% of our patients achieve pregnancy at their first transfer (regardless of age or type of treatment).

Ginemed offers a higher success rate than many other private fertility clinics thanks to our investment in technology, to our availability 365 days a year and to highly qualified professionals.

Reasons to choose a good Assisted Reproduction Clinic

Our excellent pregnancy rates have allowed us to offer patients guaranteed pregnancy programmes, which include all necessary medical treatments to achieve pregnancy, and, in the exceptional cases in which pregnancy cannot be achieved, the patient receives a full refund.

Being aware of the economic difficulties that sometimes make it difficult to access assisted reproduction clinics, we maintain the best price-quality ratio for our patients.

No waiting lists

When a woman or couple has a fertility problem, there is not a second to waste, especially in the case of women over 37-38 years of age or with previous pathologies, such as endometriosis, ovarian failure or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), among others.

In private fertility clinics there is no waiting list, nor are there any access restrictions based on age, sexual orientation or marital status or any special characteristic of the person, as long as we respect the existing legal framework.

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