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Pictograma inseminación Artificial

Artificial Insemination
with Donor Sperm

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Pictograma fecundación in vitro

In Vitro Fertilisation
with Donor Sperm

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Pictograma doble donación

Double Donation
with Donor Eggs and Sperm

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Pictograma donación de embriones

Embryo Donation

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Sperm donors

Sperm donation is a voluntary, anonymous and altruistic act and therefore Spanish law does not allow the recipient to provide or choose her own donor. We are only able to provide general information about the donor (we can never reveal his identity).

All donors are of legal age and have passed a series of tests regarding their physical characteristics, immune, genetic and hereditary illnesses, and infectious and transmissible diseases.

The medical team is responsible for donor selection and it is their duty to choose the donor who best adapts to the characteristics of each individual case.

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Donación de semen, donante de semen
Programa de embarazo garantizado

Egg Donation Program with Guaranteed Results

Now your treatment plan offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will obtain a guaranteed number of eggs, embryos, or a pregnancy.

What will my treatment be like if I don’t live in Spain?

We know that when a woman decides she wants to become a mother she is making one of the most important decisions of her life. Because the desire to be a mother is one that crosses all races, languages and borders, our International Department wants to be by your side when you need it most in order to make your journey as pleasant as possible. Our International Department is made up of native coordinators who will accompany you before, during and after your pregnancy.

We’ll assign you a doctor and a native coordinator

Who will assist you in your native language from the moment you first contact us.

You’ll only need to make one trip to Spain

Which you’ll be able to arrange far enough in advance so that you can book hotels, flights and time off from work. The rest of your appointments can be carried out remotely: by video-call, phone or email.

1st visit is cost-free

If you’d like to meet us in person and undergo all of the preliminary testing with us.

Preliminary testing and ultrasounds during treatment

This can also be done in your country with your gynaecologist. We’ll send you all the necessary instructions.

We’ll adapt to you.

With the necessary resources to get started once you’re ready. No waiting times.

Real Stories

Read the stories of Ginemed patients whose dreams of becoming parents have already come true.

Frequently asked questions

I’m a single woman. What treatment options are available to me?

Assisted reproduction makes it possible for you to become a mother if you don’t have a partner. The treatment you’ll need in order to achieve a pregnancy will depend on your specific case. That’s why we’ll need to evaluate some preliminary medical tests and determine, among other factors, your ovarian reserve. In addition, age plays a fundamental role in this process: the older a patient is, the more difficult it will be to achieve a pregnancy (both naturally and artificially).

If you’re under the age of 38 and you have a good ovarian reserve, Artificial Insemination would be a possibility. This treatment involves placing donor spermatozoids –which have previously been selected and prepared by the laboratory- inside the uterus around the time of ovulation. This is one of the most straightforward assisted reproduction procedures.

If you’re over 38 years of age or your ovarian reserve is diminished, the technique of choice would be In Vitro Fertilisation. For this treatment your ovaries will need to be stimulated in order to obtain several eggs which will be collected during the egg retrieval procedure, fertilised in the laboratory and then placed in the uterus to achieve a pregnancy. The spermatozoids we use come from the sperm bank.

It’s important to point out that sperm donation is a voluntary, anonymous and altruistic act, meaning it is not possible for patients to choose their donor nor for clinics to release the donor’s identifying details (in accordance with Spanish legislation). All of our donors are of legal age and must pass rigorous psychological and medical exams. Our laboratory is responsible for the donor selection process, taking into consideration your preferences.

What information can I receive about the donor?

In accordance with Spanish Law, all donations are anonymous, and this includes egg and sperm donation. Only information concerning donor phenotype can be released such as race, height, weight, hair type and colour, eye colour, skin tone and blood group and Rh factor.