What options do women couples have to be mothers?

29 de junio de 2022
Sebastián Sessa Méndez

The couples of women who want to be mothers have various treatment options available to them to have a child. Do you want to know the reproductive medicine treatments for female couples?

Since same-sex marriage was approved in 2005, many homosexual couples have married in our country. In 2020 alone, 3,112 marriages were contracted between same-sex couples, of which 1,637 were between women.

With these data it can be inferred that the number of homosexual women who want to start a family is growing day by day. But what possibilities are there for these future moms?

Having a child with donor sperm

These couples will have various treatment options, all of them presenting the use of donor sperm as a common element. The selection of said donor will be meticulous, seeking absolute compatibility at the level of blood group and race, but also based on the physical characteristics of the recipient couple.

  • Artificial Insemination: it is the simplest technique of all, and it will also be the one with the lowest success rates. It consists of introducing a sample of donor semen previously processed in the laboratory into the woman's uterine cavity.
  • IVF/ICSI: in this technique, the fertilization of the egg by the sperm is carried out in the laboratory. This requires pharmacological stimulation of the ovaries, and the subsequent extraction of the eggs in the operating room, which will give rise to multiple embryos, which will be transferred to the uterus a few days after fertilization.
  • Double donation (Don-Don): it is also IVF-ICSI with eggs from an anonymous donor. Together with the donor sperm, they will constitute the embryos that will be deposited in the woman's uterus.

We want to emphasize in this sense that the donation of gametes in our country is totally anonymous and altruistic, which completely ensures the absence of rights of the donor over the newborn.


The ROPA method (Couple Egg Reception) consists of an IVF/ICSI involving two women who must be legally married. One of them will provide the ovules after stimulation of their ovaries, while the other will undergo the transfer of the resulting embryos.

Embryo adoption

Embryodon or embryo adoption is the treatment in which we transfer to the woman embryos previously formed and donated by another woman or couple. These donated embryos come from couples or women who have finalized their reproductive wishes after undergoing assisted reproduction treatments. They donate cryopreserved embryos that they do not want to use to other people.

Law 14/2006, on Assisted Human Reproduction Techniques, regulates the access of all women to fertility treatments , regardless of their marital status, sexual orientation or family model. However, the law presents an important legal gap, since it only regulates the double maternal affiliation of the child in the event that both women are legally married. It does not provide for affiliation in the case of couples of unmarried women who carry out treatment together.

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